10 things is considered to be taboo in Korean

Like the other Asian countries, Korean has superstitions. If you know their taboos, you can avoid unnecessary problems when contact with them.

1. Number 4 symbols for bad luck

Korean does not like this number, they believe it brings bad luck. In many buildings or in elevates, and there are no sign of the fourth floor but instead of letter “F”.

2. Writing name by red ink

We think that it is a normal thing but actually it is a taboo. According to local people, you just write someone’s name by red ink when you want one to be died. It brings bad luck even the death.

3. Let the fan running in the lock room.

Some superstitious people think that let the fan running in the lock room when you are sleeping will make you die. It is a common belief especially in the elder.

4. Whistling at midnight

If you want to attract the ghost, so just whistle at midnight. However, if the Korean hear it, they will force you to stop it.

5. Giving shoes as a gift

Some people believe that if you give a pair of shoes for the one you love for example you boyfriend of your friend, your relatives…they will leave you forever. Therefore, when you receive a pair of shoes as a gift, the Korean often give you a small amount of money as an exchange to avoid other beliefs come true.

6. Going down the Deoksugung road.

Divorce rate in Korea is high, besides the petty conflicts, many people still cherish the belief that if any couples go down this, they will have to stand before the court. It is said that your love story will break if both step down this path.

7. Butterfly makes blind

In the past, if the Koreans touched the butterflies, they would avoid touching their eyes because that would make such a blurry eyes. However, it is less common than before.

8. Let boyfriend eat chicken wings

If you love a Korean girl, she warn you not to eat chicken wings when have dinner together it means she is afraid to lose you. Many people believe that if their boyfriend or husband eat chicken wins they will “fly” away because there are many chicken wings in his stomach.

9. Jumping over the baby

This is dangerous and also a taboo in Korea. They do not want anyone jump over their baby for this makes their baby not tall. In general, do not do this unless they will be angry.

10. Shaking thighs

Korean parents ban their children to shake thighs or foot. They think that this will shake off their luck.

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