About Us

Our travel Blog introduces you to some new, not so known Travel locations and Destinations – travel tips from an independent source

We and professional travelers, share their travel informations, experiences and discoveries about travel locations and destinations with you on this travel web-site. We share some secrets and will give you great tips on how to travel, not only related to one travel destination.

Most of the blog is done while we are on the road traveling, but sometimes we fill it in when we are not traveling to keep the blog going!

Keeping you up to date with we whereabouts “On the Road”. While we are “on the road” we use this blog to give our fans, friends and family a short update about our trips. Our posts may be delayed for a few days (depending on how we find time and Internet access) but our aim is to keep the pages as up to date as possible.

This is a great travel website, a free online travel guide for the independent traveler. You find travel tips and information as well as not so known travel destinations.

Stay tuned for updates on our travels and adventures as a photographer/ writer.