Dubai: Your Fun Days Ahead

Dubai is a thriving metropolis boasting of world-class amenities it offers to its visitors who flock here from all corners of the world. Stretching some 25 miles along the coast, it has plenty of attractions and places to visit to keep you busy like a bee. You simply cannot resist bragging about your adventures by the end of the day. Hence, arm yourself with Rebtel’s free calling app and vent out your delightful narration to your friends back home, it will not cost you a penny.

The Burj Khalifa

This tallest structure of the world has become synonymous with Dubai, and it greets you as soon as you arrive in Dubai. It is a modern architectural wonder, and is awe inspiring owing to its unique design. Reach up to the observation deck on the 134th floor and get the spectacular panoramic view of the city. Book your entry in advance for it comes cheaper than the instant access tickets.

Snow Skiing

If you never heard of snow in the desert, it is your chance to witness it at the Mall of the Emirates. You get the genuine thrills of skiing, and one of the kind experiences, with the longest run being around 1,300 feet. It is a huge gigantic arena with plenty of lockers, and you can hire skiing gears as well. And the kids can also get their share of thrills sliding down the slopes on inflated inner tubes.

Dubai Museum

Take time to acquaint yourself with the history of the region by visiting the Dubai Museum. Built in 1799 as a fort against foreign invasion, its doors are now open for people to get insight into the rich heritage and culture of Dubai. The museum highlights the desert life, traditional Arabian homes, pearl diving, mosques, and trade.  Musical instruments and weapons including swords, arrows, shields, spears, axes, and pistols are the arsenal it beholds.


For the archaeological minds this site is a bag of delight, and is one of the most popular and important sites in the whole of UAE. Artefacts were found here dating back to 3rd and 6th century AD when the kingdom was ruled by the Persian Sassanid Empire, and later by the Umayyad Dynasty, when in 7thcentury Islam found its grounds in the Gulf.

The Jumeirah Mosque standing on the north end of Jemeirah Beach Road, is one of the most attractive and unique example of modern Islamic architecture. It comes to its full glory when it is lit with floodlights after sundown.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Well, this is the place your kids will simply enjoy and never forget, for this park is laced with thrilling rides to cater the needs of all, old and young alike. Some of the theme based rides include the Legend of Arabian Adventurer, and Juha and his friend Sinbad. A free-fall ride is another of the major attractions of this park.

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