Foodie American Road Trip

For most of us a road trip is all about adventure. However, a road trip can be a memorable culinary journey as well. When it comes to a culinary journey in the USA, you will be astounded to see the diversity of food and cuisines in this country. Whether it is south or east, you will find something unique, region-specific, and delectable to quench your appetite. For those who are foodies, the America has a ton of delicious destinations offering some rustic southern cuisines to and fresh seafood and delicious cowboy cuisine. In short, this country has a variety of delectable delights that any food lover will want to savor.

New Orleans:

If Cajun food fascinates you, then you should never miss visiting New Orleans in Louisiana. The city is not just a food lover’s destination. In fact, there is a plenty of touristy things to see and do here at NOLA. Try your luck at the Harrah’s Casino or dance to the tunes of jazz music at the famous Bourbon Street. Take your spouse on a romantic dinner cruise on the NO special jazz cruises. Entice your taste buds with some authentic Creole and Cajun food such as the traditional jambalaya, gumbo, and other local specials. For sweet treats, stop by the bakery by the river at the end of French Quarter.

San Antonio:

Try some Tex-Mex cuisine while visiting the beautiful Texan city of San Antonio. Wake up early in the morning and go hiking at the Enchanted Rock. Families are welcome to the San Antonio Zoo, Sea World, Six Flags, and the Ranch. The city has been a top beef producer for many decades. That surely allows the regional chefs to create something unique, traditional, and of course Lone Star State’s regional specialty. Beat the Texan heat with some cool lemonade, icy pina-coladas, and other regional favorites. Indulge your senses by trying some hot bowls of chili, con carne, spicy stews, and some Tex-Mex cuisine.

San Francisco:

No one can deny the fact the San Francisco is one among the most visited cities in the USA for business, pleasure, great places to stay and food. The city’s assorted environment, social and cultural diversity are the result of San Francisco’s versatile cuisine. Drive to the famous wine country of Napa and Sonoma for an authentic wine and dine experience. Try a bowl of hot seafood and clam chowder at the famous Pier 39 in SFO. Don’t miss the delectable Chinese cuisine served at the China Town in this city. If you are interested to try something regional with a touch of international cuisine, then drive to Sausalito in SFO. This beautiful bay-front city is home to some of the best ethnic and upscale dining venues for all food lovers.


Who doesn’t like to binge some comfort food? If that’s what you would like to do on your road trip, then head straight to the city of Chicago, IL. The city’s traditional pizzerias serve those best authentic deep-dish pizzas. Unlike traditional pizzas, you can always eat these pie slices with fork and knife. Browse through the list of city’s top pizzerias for selecting a venue for your lunch, brunch, and dinner. After satisfying your comfort food cravings, take a city tour to see what the city has to offer. Enjoy Chicago’s vibrant nightlife with your friends and loved ones. Also try some local desserts such as traditional homemade pies, ice creams, and cup cakes at any dessert shop in Chicago.

New York City:

The list of best culinary destinations in the USA can be complete without New York. This vibrant city truly justifies its fame as a culinary destination. Whether it is the Buffalo style fried wings or New York style cheese pizza, the city offers everything to satisfy your food cravings. Just like the city’s high-rise buildings and diverse array of attractions, there is no end to its culinary delights. If you have to choose a few, then don’t miss trying the city’s best cheesecake, pizzas, and other ethnic cuisines.

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