Let’s See Turkey

As Turkey is located near Europe, it is greatly influenced by European countries. Though, it’s a Muslim country yet its mixed culture makes it attractive for the tourist. The country has beautiful places of which top 10 sites are described here.

People love Hagia Sophia Museum for its history and because it’s located Istanbul which has other attractions as well. This used to be a church, later converted into a mosque in 15th century during Ottoman period. But, in 1935 it was converted into a museum due to its historical features and detailed architecture.

There are many magnificent mosques in turkey, of which Blue Mosque is very famous and most visited by the tourists. The name is derived from blue ceramic tiles used in its interior, as the ceiling alone is covered with 20,000 tiles. It was built by Ottoman Empire, which is famous for ceramics which became the center of business activity.

If you love nature then you should not miss the great wonders of nature, i.e. Pamukkale which is a combination of rocks and green water. The name means cotton castle as it is naturally built with travertine rock covered with minerals that gives it white form. There used to be Greek city many decades before where now you can see the monuments of that time.

For those who love ruins Ephesus is the best place which used to be the trade center in Roman period. These ruins are famous Artemis temple, and seven churches of Revelation.

Another historical place is Cappadocia that is covered with natural rocks. There are fairy chimneys which were formed by the action of volcanic layers over water and wind. Lots of visitors visit here every year.

Pergamon is a beautiful place having ruins of Acropolis, Asclepion, and Red courtyard. It’s mostly occupied with tourists.

Theater used to be a heart of Romans, and famous Aspendus Theater is in turkey. It had 20,000 seats and was built-in 2nd century.  It’s really a miracle, as every part is safe even after many years hence it’s all original.

If you want to enjoy the sunset, then do visit Mount Nemrut, (which is 2552 m high) which lies in the south-east of turkey. The sunrise is as attractive as the sunset if you watch it from the eastern terrace. In both conditions the space looks mysterious.

Turkey is not all about mountains and old buildings but it has awesome beeches of which Patara is very famous among visitors. It is so large that it covers the whole Mediterranean. It is covered with ruins from all sides, so you cannot see the buildings behind, however you can see the café that was built for the tourists.

Another beech is situated in Oludeniz village in the south-west coast. It is a blue lagoon, also famous for turquoise. It’s a worth seeing beach because this place is best for photography. This is also one of the best worth seeing places in the world, which remains occupied with people in different seasons.

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