Must See Greek Islands

Greek is surrounded with 227 islands having different characters and topography. There are all types of islands ranging from flat, to green, and rocky. Some are meant for tourism, whereas others are occupied by teenagers for night parties. Every age group can find their favorite places here to visit and have fun.

Greeks most economy depends on these islands and among a huge variety it’s difficult to see which one is the best.  Some islands are highly famous among tourists which are described here.

Those who are planning to visit Greek once must see Santorini, which is famous for its beautiful sunsets and volcanic scenes. The sand has become red and black due to volcanoes that’s why the beach attracts everyone. Oia is a place where most couples spend their time to see awesome views from their luxury rooms, but this can cost you a lot.

Another largest island is crete which has nice historical towns and deserted beaches. It is also famous for its delicious food, and considered a paradise due to very high mountains like Idi. You need a few days to explore this island.

Another place which has the best beaches is Mykonos, and it’s very crowded in summer. You will see celebrities here especially at night. But, the fact is that it is very costly and you should have a fully loaded credit card with you, as it has the most expensive restaurants like Nobu.

Tourists say that Hydra is the prettiest island of all, because its architecture is great. It’s a combination of new and old buildings. But, you cannot take a bike here so car is must, or you can also get mules for a ride. This is also the most relaxing place.

Cephalonia is an island which got famous overnight due to Captain Corelli’s Mandolin a novel being written by Louis. The best seller made this island attractive for tourists and people became aware of this amazing place. It is full of natural views and beaches; and the towns and villages are very relaxing.

A ferry island known as Paros is much liked by couples and holiday lovers. This is famous for windsurfing and it’s also used for various competitions arranged at Chrysi Akti beach. It also has some quiet places to relax for those who don’t love noise and crowds.

In the north you would see Corfu which is multicultural, including French, Italian, Venetians, and British cultures. It’s also famous place for cricket players as many people love to play here.

A place surrounded with pine trees is Skiathos which has the most beautiful beach known as Koukounaries. The area is hilly and it’s full of natural views.

An old island which is also famous for holidays is Rhodos which has beautiful resorts and five-star hotels. The place has many beautiful scenes and you can see its cultures through the museum. The beaches are ideal for night parties and relaxation.

All these islands are worth seeing hence one should plan a long holiday to capture their natural beauty in your eyes.

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