The heart shape lakes in the world

Lake Hart, Canada

This is one of the heart-shaped lake is located in the most adorable Brampton, Ontario. This place is famous for both locals and foreign tourists by the natural beauty of its great. Guests will be walking or biking on the trails, or swimming, playing with the friendly locals here.

Lower Lake Chicago, USA

Located on the territory of the three states: Colorado, Chicago and Idaho, in fact lakes of Colorado with 2 lakes called Upper and Lower Chicago Chicago. Standing on the Upper Lake, visitors can look down to see the heart-shaped lake Lower upturned.

Lake Lac du Montagnon, France

Owned by the Pyrenees National Park, Lac du Montagnon is located at an altitude of 2003 m and the best place for you to admire the beauty of it all is the apex of the Montagnon Iseye 2173m altitude.

Ho Rih, Myanmar

Located near the Indian border, Rih has the shape of a heart and is very difficult for visitors to get to this place because of the terrain. For the people of Myanmar, this is one of the most beautiful places to honeymoon sweet and romantic.

Lake Borebukta, Norway

Located in Spitzbergen, Norway’s largest island, not surprising when Borebukta also known as “Lake of Love” by its heart shape. It appears after the glaciers melted and is surrounded by beautiful arctic landscape.

Ho Buyuk, Turkey

Located in the National Park Yedigoller, Buyuk is one of two heart-shaped lake in Turkey, next to the lake Narligol. However, unlike a crater Narligol off, Buyuk formed by landslides.

Lake Trnovacko, Montenegro

Located at an altitude of 1517m above the sea, Trnovacko is surrounded by lush, green mountains. Go here, visitors can walk, bike ride on the trails, or can organize camping overnight to enjoy the feeling of living among nature in this beautiful little country this.

Lake Eros, India

If you want to enjoy the romantic lover, Eros lake would be a great suggestion for you. From the top of the mountain Chembra India, we can easily see the symbol of love lakes, a clear heart. At the height of 1,398 m above sea level, the lake named after the goddess of love is not only a great heart that the temperature here is very mild pleasant.

Heart Lake, Russia

From the top Cherskogo Russia, you can enjoy panoramic lake heart shape in the valley. However, the time to conquer this mountain takes about 5 hours.

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